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Travis’ “Aunt Rena” created the Orange Rock Project as a way to help spread that kind of happiness that Travis had to the rest of the world.


A Travis Rock is a simple way to spread awareness about Isolated Congenital Asplenia. It’s an orange painted rock with the message “#SpreadTravisLove” on it.

You place these rocks in your favorite locations for others to find and learn more about ending childhood death due to Asplenia.


Complete strangers have discovered how to #SpreadTravisLove. Now you can, too!

Travis Rocks have been found in all 50 states
and several foreign countries.

Have you found a rock? Where did you place yours?

Post now!


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We're so glad you asked! Making your own Travis Rocks to help #SpreadTravisLove is easy.

Just follow these simple steps.

Want some pre-painted rocks to #SpreadTravisLove? 


Find some small, flat smooth rocks.


Wash and dry your rocks.


Paint both the front and back of the rocks with orange craft paint (you may need two coats).


Use paint or markers to decorate the front of the rocks. If you like simple, add a heart, some balloons or a baseball. Feeling more creative? Check out our Facebook page for inspiration. People have painted baseball bats, flowers, fire trucks, construction equipment and zebras (the symbol for Rare Disease).


Use a Sharpie-type marker to write #SpreadTravisLove and on the back of the rocks.


Seal both sides of the rocks to make it waterproof and weatherproof (Mod Podge and/or a clear shellac works best).


Most important - find a cool spot to place your rocks, snap a photo and post it to social media using #SpreadTravisLove!

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